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Hi there!

Welcome to our site! We’re passionate about bringing martial arts to the Denver area. It's great to see you investing time in yourself and your family!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what martial arts means to us - self-defense and fitness are important for sure and you’ll get a phenomenal workout with martial arts, but, it gives you something else too. Something most people are not prepared for.

Personally, I think this is one of the most profound and useful benefits of martial arts. You’ll have that "ah-ha!" moment when you read this simple “secret benefit” elite level martial artists have known for years. Ready to know what it is?

This may come as a surprise, since most people think martial arts is about learning to "fight" or "defend". It's true that it's a powerful tool to keep you and your family safe from harm... but that's only one aspect of it.

The "true" meaning of martial arts is...balance and inner-growth.

After all, for thousands of years, martial arts has been a tool for inner-growth and development - the increased energy that comes from getting in good physical shape gives you a boost to bring even more fulfilling activities into your life too.

Some of the differences you'll feel within the first two weeks are...

...your hard work and patience paying off as you strive to perfect each move, building an amazing sense of discipline, focus and determination.

...your passionate desire to advance through the ranks increasing by developing new goal setting techniques and follow through with your renewed sense of ambition.

...the rush of passing tests and seeing how far you've come while building confidence and pride.

Tired of feeling burnt out and frazzled? By balancing physical health with the intense focus and concentration that comes with martial arts, our students often report feeling refreshed after their workout rather than drained. Some of the first time moms that come to class even report going home and cleaning the entire house after their first round on the mat! It’s just that potent.

But it doesn't stop there! You'll also learn self-defense to keep your loved ones safe and sound. You may never have to use these skills in a real-life situation, in fact we hope you never have to, but just knowing that you CAN protect yourself will give you peace of mind.

The confidence you'll exude is typically enough to diffuse most situations before they even arise. After all, attackers like to focus in on weak individuals. When you emit strength, confidence and pride - it's enough to keep most of them at bay.

Helping you succeed in martial arts is the only goal of our Denver program. Everyone here - each of our martial arts instructors - is passionate about helping you succeed, have a ton of fun, and really enjoy the time you spend here.

Your life is about to get crazy-good! At the top of this page you'll find our programs, click on one that interests you to learn about the classes our school offers.

Check out the super-low web specials going on right now too, it's a great deal and classes fill up fast because of it.

Then stop by and try out the program that's best-suited for you! It's just that easy, and we'll be here to guide you the entire time.

Still have questions or feel more comfortable signing up in person? Call us to register or ask us any questions you may have: (303) 246-8855

See you soon,
Nobuo Yagai
Chief Instructor, Way of Jiu Jitsu Academy
Denver Martial Arts